Actually i dunno how to start this blog of mine. Hmmm.. ok… Let me start with the story how did i start this blog.

After a year of finding & researching a reliable web hosting, finally i found one. It’s a local web hoster(do i need to mention it here?). I read the users’ feedback from Lowyat.net’s forum, and most of them are positive. I’ve tested it by hosting one my freelance project with them, and so far their service was terrific! The upload & download speed was very good. So, i’ve decided to take this web hosting as my blog hoster.

Done some research for the best open source blog apps and i finally choose WordPress. Searched the net for a nice template for a photography blog, and i found Orange Rush 1.0 by Pad IT Solutions.

Next, finding a good open source photoblog application, and ended up with Pixelpost. You can view my photoblog here.

Now, here they are. Installed on my hosting and running smoothly. But, till now, still dunno what to write here. Darn busy…

Suddenly got a free time, so i started to write this. I’ll try to write or post some junkies i found in the internet. Or maybe i will post pictures of what happened recently in my life.


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