Venue : Palace of Justice, Putrajaya
Date : 29/01/2011
Time : 19:45

It was raining drizzly 1 hr before the run started. The surrounding was so cold that evening. It’s gonna be a cold run for me this time. The ultra-marathon category started at 7pm, while the rest started at 7.45pm. There are not many runners. It’s gonna be like free and easy run for me doing the 44km! Hahaha… will take it slowly, easily, no rush, as this is not a race, just like a normal weekend LSD πŸ˜‰ Saw Zulhassan, he’s running Ultra!

As the time goes, i found myself running alone as the gap between runners build up. At certain spot, there’s even no peopleΒ  at all. It’s drizzling & cold, misty, quiet.. scary too. Feels like something gonna pop up out of the dark roadside πŸ˜› Hehehe.. what a feeling. Just dont wanna think abt it too much, concentrate on my run & listen to my ipod πŸ˜‰

Met Sabri, Ruby, Aini & Shahrul in front of PoJ, they just arrived. They did 1 & half loop, that was abt 15-16km something. Saw Det, Shakhir, Nik & the gang running on the other side. Nice to saw u guys running here too. Ah Tey was there as well to take our photos. Thanks Tey for covering this event!

Crossing the Seri Gemilang bridge (photo by Leong Kwan Weng)

The water station served Gatorade, Revive, 100Plus, plain water, bananas & GU gels. Wow!! That’s quite variety of choices for a small running events. Great!!! The water supply was sufficient.

The cute bunny girl manning the water station (photo by Tey Eng Tiong)
Finally, finished the longgggg run at 2.30am πŸ˜› (photo by Tey Eng Tiong)
Nice to meet some new friends here. Wow!! My arm band shines!!! (photo by Mohan of Singapore)

Overall, it was a nice small & simple events. A well done job by Irwan & friends organizing this events. There’s a Red Crescent ambulance on standby and patrolling along the run route. There’s a group of traffic police on duty also. I enjoyed the 44km run very much! This was the most relaxing run i ever did. Did 4 loops, finished my run at 2.30am the next morning, clocking 6 hrs, 35mins. A huge satisfaction! 1 more full marathon added in my list πŸ˜‰

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