Venue : Kenyir Lake, Terengganu
Date : 10/04/2011
Time : 08:30

This is my opening triathlon race for the 2011 season. Kenyir was the place where I started my 1st triathlon last 2 years. So here I am again doing triathlon here. The famous Kenyir triathlon’s tag line : “Malaysia’s toughest triathlon race”.

Breakfast stop at Gambang RnR on the way to Kenyir (photo by Julie)

Went there by car pool in Julie’s car, Hancik (Rusfarizal) on Saturday(9/4/2011) 5.30am. Arrived at Kenyir Lake Resort & Spa at 11.15am. Checked-in, registered & went for a delicious ikan patin lunch πŸ˜‰ Heavy rain started to pour.

A unique way to do election campaign, somewhere near Ajil, Terengganu

The rain stop for a while in the evening, that’s when we took the chance to try swimming at the swim course. The water was quite warm, and a nice swim we had.

Ready for tomorrow action! Notice my racing number sticker, so hard to stick it neatly πŸ˜›

After the dinner & race briefing, we prepared our race essentials for tomorrow morning. And the rain still pouring heavily. Wondering how the weather will be tomorrow morning.

As I wake up tomorrow, it’s still raining. Wow!!! This is gonna be a tough race!

There’s a bit delay on the race start because of the bad weather. Mr. Chan, the race director announced that there’s a stranded lorry, blocking half side of the road on the bike course. Waiting the confirmation from the police whether the road is safe or not, or else, it will be just swim and run only πŸ™ After a while, the police confirmed it safe to cycle there, then the race started at sharp 8.30am, in heavy rain. Yeahhhh!!! This is gonna be an exciting race!

With Jaja & Hancik, while waiting for the race to start (photo by Ah Yim)
The race is about to start. Notice the heavy rain. Everybody are shivering in the cold!
The usual chaos of the swim start

Started with a cold body, fear to get cramp in the water during swimming. but it all went well…
Quite a chaotic swim start as there were lotsa 1st timers. Kick and slap here and there, there’s also a panic women hold my hand tight as she struggle to float, i lead her to the buoy. Finished the swim in about 38mins.

Quenching my thirst after the 1.5km swim (photo by Ah Yim)

I really like the cycling course. It’s a new route this year. Its a rolling course. Except for a one long (about 800m long) steep uphill climb. I managed to crank just 3/4 of the climb, then push the bike laaa the remaining climb πŸ˜› Very mental challenging! I loike!!! hahaha …

It was still raining heavily during the bike course. Some part of the road was covered with water and small rocks that are dangerous to the small bike tires. Have to be careful for not to puncture my tires this time.

Clocked about 1 hr 40 mins for the bike course.

The running course also has a slight change this time, and i love it!!! Mentally & physically challenging! Lotsa steep hill climb.
The best part of the running course was we get to run on the road on top of the Kenyir dam. The view from the top was very nice, a beautiful panoramic scene of the man-made lake. Stunning! I wish i had a camera that time…

The finishing line getting closer and closer. Suddenly heard somebody shouted my name, a familiar voice. Its Julie, “Go Fairul go!! Sprint to the finishing line, beat the other two triathlete!” hehehe. I took that challenge. I sprinted to the finishing line, side by side. I win!!! hahaha yeahhh!!! No laa… i won the sprint to the finishing line only πŸ˜›

All in all, it was a great triathlon race. Clocked 3hrs 20mins (unofficial timing), probably a new PB for me! πŸ˜‰ A new experience for me, doing a race in heavy rain from the start till the end. Nice experience i must say. The cold weather helps too for not getting too tired.

Alhamdulillah, i survived another triathlon in my life. 6th triathlon done! And Alhamdulillah i managed to overcome the fear to get cramp because of the cold weather.


A view of Lake Kenyir from my room, it's raining heavily
Another view of Lake Kenyir
  • I highly recommend the Lake Kenyir Resort & Spa as an accommodation option if u are having holiday here. Nice, spacious & cozy room, big bathroom, nice lake view. For more info, click here>>
  • My two other triathlete friends, Julie & Hancik are first time doing Kenyir triathlon. Glad to know that they enjoyed the race so much! They even did their PBs! Congrats guys!!! Extra congratulations to Julie also for the 6th placing in her age group, entitled her cash prize of RM400! πŸ˜‰ Happy to tag along & carpool with them, and be the unofficial tour guide for them.. hehehe
  • A friend of us, Ajis has DNFed the triathlon. He got panicked during early stage of the swim. He was pushed, kicked & swam over by faster swimmers as he started the swim at the front row. He felt can’t make it through the swim anymore.
The new course map
  • After lunch on saturday, we surveyed the cycling route, according to my last 2 years experience racing here. But the route seems impossible to race as the road was too badly damaged. Potholes here and there. We decided that it will not be the bike course this time. Later on the nite at the race briefing, mr Chan showed the new race course. Phewww…
  • We had a great lunch at Jeti Pengkalan Gawi. The “Ikan Patin” there was tasty & so fresh. Highly recommended! And after the race on our way back to KL, we reward ourselves with “Ikan Patin” again. This time was at Temerloh RnR that is famous with “Ikan Patin”. Slurppppppp!!! πŸ˜‰ RM12 damaged πŸ˜›
  • It took nearly 6hours to get to Kenyir (with half an hour breakfast stop)
  • Not much photo taken this time because of the wet weather, not dare to take out my camera phone to snap pix πŸ˜›


Kenyir mission accomplished, had lunch, tired, loads of satisfaction.. time to sleep. See ya again next year, Kenyir πŸ˜‰ (paparazzo: Julie)

9 thoughts on “Kenyir International Triathlon 2011

  1. diket:

    congrats bro! you made it look easier and sempoi. keep me inspirate for more tri stuff :)

    tq bro!!!
    cukup training, mmg senang jer buat, tak siksa sgt… kalu dulu aku phobia kayuh bukit, skrg dah tak… hehehe.. thanks to the bukit trainings i did πŸ˜‰

    jom bro… join the triathlon arena… belajar swim sungguh, kasi confident berenang kat tpt dalam, sure no problem nyer bro.. kayuh & lari ko dah power, no hal πŸ˜‰
    GO FOR IT!!!

  2. diket:

    thanks for encouragement bro. yep, insyaAllah aku nak bedal PD tri. pepehal, masa berenang aku dok sebelah kau ler…hehe

    bleh2.. no prob bro.. ikut aku bleh… tp aku swim slow jer laaa.. hehehe πŸ˜€

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