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Long time already since i rooted my HTC Hero & install the VillainROM-v12. As the time goes by, the phone started to show some bad behavior, keep on force closing app, keep on rebooting by itself. So i’ve decided to install other ROM. Maybe upgrading to a new Android version, maybe 2.2 (Froyo) or jump to 2.3 (Gingerbread).

Did some researches for Hero’s ROM in Found Elelinux-7.0.0-Hero-v2.0 has good reviews and gave a try. It’s built based on CyanogenMOD 7. Link here.

The steps i took:

  1. Backup whatever in my SDcard to my PC.
  2. Backup my SMS, APN.
  3. Backup my contacts to MS Outlook using HTC Sync.
  4. Download the ROM file into the SDcard, and rename it to “”.
  5. Power off.
  6. Reboot to recovery console (pressing HOME + On/Off button)
  7. Did Nandroid backup.
  8. Wipe off everything including ext partition
  9. Flash ROM.
  10. Reboot.

At first boot, it took a while to load, but not more than 10 mins. Welcome to GingerBread!!! 😉 Booted with no problem. Explored the new look & feel of the new version Android OS. The previously installed apps is still there, it’s workable but all has to be reinstalled because the’re not configured with the current OS version.


Tried to restore my contacts via HTC Sync but it cant detect the phone. Referred to XDADeveloper, Elelinux is AOSP, so HTC Sync wont work. The alternative is, i have to convert my contacts stored in MS Outlook to CSV format, export to GMAIL contacts.

  1. MS Outlook contacts export to CSV format
  2. Open GMail
  3. Go to contacts
  4. Import
  5. Browse CSV
  6. Create new group, “Android1” in my case
  7. Click Import
  8. On phone’s Wifi, setup the Gmail login details
  9. Sync with gmail contact, choose Android1
  10. Yihaa!!! All contact restored!

Played & familiarized myself with it. Tested this and that. Found some annoying bug, the disappearing menu. This bug was actually in the GingerBread official released. So, the developer still fixing it. But there’s a patch for this bug ready for download. Downloaded it & applied the patch.


This is the first time i had the chance to overclock my phone. This was made possible by the “Herokernel-12a” that came together with this ROM. Set the CPU clock to 176MHz(min)/652MHz(max) (as recommended by the developer) and using “smartass governer” 😛


The home screen using ADW Launcher
Version info
Lock screen
Using Zeam Launcher, with the Power widget
The new music player


I will evaluate on this release, maybe a month or till i found some unacceptable bugs. Or if it’s ok, will continue using it till the next good ROM release 😉


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