The longest & toughest so far!

I went there car pool with 3 other triathlete friends, Zulhassan, Azmar & Hancik. Zulhassan picked me at behind zoo negara, Azmar @ Ampang, and Hancik @ Seremban.

Fetching Hancik at Muzium Budaya, Seremban

We used the new route, the Senai(U) – Desaru expressway, that directed us straight to Desaru, faster & easier than the old road. Not quite sure abt the tol charges though.

You'll encounter this tall pillar of a long bridge when u use the new Senai(U) - Desaru expressway

Reached Lotus Resort at 2.30, collected race kits, did some shopping. Pretty good price they got there. Can get a trisuit at RM150, Fizik Tri saddle at RM200!

Our room, got stairs leading to the bedroom upside
The spacious living hall, easily can share up to 6 person comfortably to save budget 😀 Worth the RM200/nite price
A view from upstairs

Then checked in & had some rest & quick nap. At 5pm we went to the beach to do a swim test. The weather was good, but the water was choppy, felt dizzy while swimming on it. We hope tomorrow condition will be better.

Race briefing at 6pm & right after that we had dinner at Medan Selera Bandar Sri Penawar. Surprised with the cheap price tag there! Chicken chop, fish & chip & oblong burger RM5 each & a decent taste.

Race day


To kick start what is gonna be a long day today, i did a short warm-up swim. The water were less choppy than yesterday, but last year far more calm. In Desaru long distance Tri, we have to do 2 loop of swim, 2km in total.

The race started at sharp 8.30am. My usual strategy was to start at the back to avoid the chaotic kick & punch swim.

Start the swim slowly. Suddenly water become more choppy. The sea water here are clear. You can even see the sea floor, sea weeds, corals & fish if u r lucky enuff.

The choppy water made me dizzy 😛 but get used to it. Clocked 55mins for the 2km swim, wow, better timing than last year.

After the 2km swim, look serious yawww!!! 😛 - Photo by unknown photog


Hopping on the bike, i’m still catching breath from the 2k swim. Couldn’t spin fast, so i started with fast cadence in low gear.

This year’s bike part has a different route from last year. Doing 2 loops, 46km each. Lotsa hill for the first half before u turn.

Got 4 road kills! 1st 2 small wild boar side road, 3rd one a bigger wild boar on the middle of the road, then a pity small kitty, i think newly got hit by vehicle.. huhuh.. i haz sadding 🙁

The 2nd half is flat all the way before u turn. Yes its flat, seems easy, but its windy with headwind pushing me back, urghhhh…

The view was spectacular, paddy field on both side, and its hot, no tree, no shade at all, except a row of rhu trees(that’s where desaru got it’s name i think), abt 100m long thats all.

Saw the top of the mosque, yeah, thats where the u turn is.

Changed my empty water bottle with the full one, the black power bar bottle, with cold ice water.

Approaching 1st loop in bike - photo by unknown photog

Killing my boredom on the bike, i did bring my old SQNY Ericsson on the bike, playing my fav playlist loud on speaker 😉 it was loud that a friend told me he heard my music as he passed by me on the other side.

2nd loop, not much to tell, just the same route, but the day getting hotter. Completed the bike course, in 4hrs 10min!!! WTFBBQ!!!


When i started running, its already 1.30pm.. just imagine the heat.. only crazy people like us do this LOL!

It started with running on sands, hot & soft sands, but i just walk on it, still recovering from the tiring bike ride.

Walked pass the power bar station, they gave me a slice of powerbar, just can take a small bite only.

The u-turn point a bit farther this time, near the end of the road.

Managed to catch-up with Zul Hassan. He thought of to quit the race, cant take it anymore. But I kept trying on encouraging him for not to go DNF. We came this far, at least we proud to at least be a finisher.

But later he asked me to continue my run n leave him sitting by the road there.

A while after doing the U-turn on the 2nd loop, I saw Zul Hassan running slowly. Felt happy seeing him continuing his run & applauded him for his strong determination!

Met with Uncle Chan, the race director at a water station near the resort while he was checking out & giving support for the remaining triathletes who is still running. Thanks uncle Chan for his dedication!

Finally, my long day has ended. I reached finish line, clocking 8:37.

I heard that many competitors DNF that day.

Thanks to my friends for making this trip possible & fun! As for now, i might not be doing it again next year 😛 the agony is enuf for now, hahhaha 😀 or maybe I can do the relay tri next year, who knows!

That’s the end of my belated very longggggg delayed Desaru Triathlon report 😛

Woke up early to watch the Sprint Race Tri category the next morning
An age grouper winner got dehydrated badly. Lucky he did recover, thanks to the medics quick reaction

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