21km finisher's medal


The nite was hot n humid. Almost no wind at all. But it rained for 1hr on the afternoon before. Otherwise, it will be freakin hot :p

I did ran well n maintain my pace throughout the race. I admit, the hills seemed so easy to me to conquer 😉

But the on last final km, my legs started to get the cramp feeling. So i take it slowly, to avoid it become worst.

Clocked 2:22, unofficial nett time.

Took my bike off my car, n cycled to the full marathon route. Accompanied my friend, cikun doing his 2nd full marathon.

He had a bad cramp on his both legs. Told him to walk n run slowly.

He finished at abt 2.30am, clocking abt 6:30. We waited for the last full marathon runners that arrived half an hour later, that happened to be my chap ayam frens, aini n irina 🙂 they were escourted by all the rescue team, medic, fire dept, police n race marshals. What a dramatic finish for them!

Bottom line, it was a great, well organized event. Kudos to the organizer!

4 thoughts on “Putrajaya Night Marathon 2011

  1. Aini Kasim:

    congrats Fairul, wow memang dramatic finish habis. thanks for being there and gave us your endless support. *terharu*

    tq aini… congrats pd ko gak sbb berani lari full… putrajaya mmg tpt yg mental nak lari full… & ko berjaya harungi nya.. 🙂

  2. diket:

    medal cantek. another one for the collection. congrats bro. more hills waiting for you in the Newton Challenge 2012

    tq bro!! 🙂
    yeahhhh larian bukit Newton!! I LIKE!!!
    tp lom reg lg 😀

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