A revisit to where i started my very 1st full marathon

Where : Queensbay Mall, Penang
When : 20/11/2011, 2am
What : Full Marathon (42.195km)


Race pack collection


Lack of LSD (long slow distance) training, plus just did Powerman 2011 last week, fear of not enuff recovery, so i planned to just run my own pace here, as the cut-off time for full marathon is 7hrs, its doable. 😛

It started at 2am, its like running the Singapore Sundown already. At 3-4am, started to feel sleepy & dizzy. After 4am, the dizziness went away completely.

At the 3rd km, met with Jaja, she told me that she had gastric a day before. I told her to go slow, & listen to the body. Later got to know that she decided to DNF at 4th km. Good for u Jaja to take that step. THere’s always another race. Get well soon.

Met with Aini near 10th km mark. She paced with me till the finishing line. Good run girl! Thanks for pacing with me too, helping me focus more and maintain my run. Congrats to Aini for her PB, she did 5:55 along with me. Improved 37mins! Thats a huge PB for her!!! 🙂

What has been the turn down of APBIM was, the failure of the organizer to manage the water station well. There was no water left at at least 2 water stations in a row. That’s running more than 10km without water yawww!!! They repeated their 2008 mistake again where i did my 1st full marathon here.

Desperate for water, i have to search for leftover water inside water bottles thrown beside the road, hoping to collect much water to get a full bottle. Damnnnn.. its like a rubbish collector, but we have to do it or else risking my life or get dehydrated!

The last 3km was a challenging moment for me. I have to weave through thousands of fun runners walking. Feared my calf to get cramp, have to run & weave cautiously, what an experience! Love it when i did it without any single cramp 🙂

Official time was 5:55, a PB by 7 mins. Alhamdulillah!

Finished strong this time, no more being carried by medics.. LOL 😛


Went jalan2 at Georgetown after checked out, stumbled upon this ol skool Aliph sign board!

4 thoughts on “Allianz Penang Bridge International Marathon 2011

  1. fairul,

    thanks beb lari sama-sama, kalau takde kau pon aku rasa aku dah pengsan kebosanan, congrats on ur PB as well.. we did it *yeaay yeayyy* =)

    psst psst : jangan serik lari dengan aku yer ahaks ;p

    1. thanks aini.. aku pun kalu lari sorang2 mmg mental lah kat bridge tu… at least bleh borak2 ngan ko.. tak sangka kan ko bleh PB 42mins.. now ko dah tau limit ko.. u need someone to push u then u can do better 😀 hehehe

  2. ooo abg fairul hebat sebab ada bran masuk 42k, lagi sekali, di penang. Saya insaf dah. PB kira bonus, apa yang penting enjoy.(42km enjoy kaa?)

    1. hahaha.. zul, aku saja2 cari pasal lari full kat penang, padahal powerman minggu sblm nyer tu pon lom habis recovery lg kot 😀 sekali sekala cari pasal bro 😛

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