Location : Kampar, Perak
Difficulty level : Medium High
Height : 4048ft

2 mountains climbed within 1 week 😉
Gunung Bujang Melaka is located at Kampar, Perak. If you’re from KL(south) you can exit the highway through Tapah exit. At Tapah town, turn right to Kampar. The RV & start poin is here: http://g.co/maps/cqyvr , in front of the mosque. From there, a pickup jeep will fetch you to the trailhead.

Went there with my BERNAMA friends who loves outdoor activities. Although i’m already 5 years left BERNAMA, we’re still keep in touch.

5 hours took to reach the main camp site, Kem Lebah. The climb a bit steep, but not as steep as Gunung Nuang. But with a heavy beg at the back, it make the journey harder, challenging & of course tiring. Its a lot different from my favorite sport, running. This is more tiring for me 😛

Air Terjun Batu Berangkai, located before the trailhead

Final preparation before entering the trailhead


The trail, this is pure forest...


My hiking bag, the portable stove was tied at the back, a burden for me 😛


Taking a break at the first camp


View from my small 2-man tent


This is where this campsite got its name. A lot of bees here that loves your sweat, yes sweat... Seen here is a bee sucking my sweaty cap


Our campsite


Our campsite


The usual night activity during camping, chit chatting


At the peak of Gunung Bujang Melaka on the next morning


The beirut


The small water stream near our campsite. This is the only water source for us to drink, cook & bath.


Water so cold to bath but so refreshing!


Another view of the stream


So peaceful & serene here


Other part of the stream


On our way back, while resting by a small stream.. feel so peaceful here seriously


Resting by the small stream


Gunung Bujang Melaka, done!

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