Date: 14 December 2008
Venue: Chin Woo Stadium, Kuala Lumpur

Running in Chin Woo Biathlon 2008
Running in Chin Woo Biathlon 2008

Pagi tu mendung & sejuk sbb hujan renyai2 malam tadi. Sampai di Stadium Chin Woo, jumpa Alang & Along. Diorang sampai dulu. Alang bagitau, Mr Lesther called last nite, bleh muat lagi sorang. So Alang decided to take part.

We went straight to the pool. Registered ourselves. Get them to write our number on our body. Rasa mcm masuk triathlon plak. Tak sabar nak start my 1st tri next year.

The race will be ran 4 waves. I’m in the 4th wave(the last wave) & Alang in 3rd wave. The race started with 1st wave, the junior categories. Lots of cute kids took part. I was surprise, they’re very good & confident in swimming. Some are doing freestyle, and some doing breast stroke.

Kene tunggu setiap wave habis, barulah bleh start the next wave. Tunggu punya tunggu, akhirnya wave Alang pun tiba. Alang start slowly, breast stroke. While waiting for Alang’s wave to finish, I’m preparing all my transition stuff. Towel, running shoes, race belt & running necklace.

Put all my stuff at my swimming lane, and started jump into the water. Terkejut sbb my lane was the deepest part of the pool. Ahhh.. lantak. Tak kisah nyer. Cuma satu masalah, the pool floor takde lane markings. So susah nak swim straight nnti. Takut berlanggar dgn org satu lane. Done 100m of warm-up swim.

The race started. I swim slow & steady but maintain my pace till the end. Peserta beside me laju. He lead me about 100m camtu. Sebelum final lap, the time keeper knocked my head with the kickboard & shouted “Final lap!!!”. I swim faster. Wanna finish the swim fast, cos getting bored already.

Finished the swim, climbed up the pool, lap muka sket, wore my shoes, my necklace, drank some 100plus(thanks Along) & wore the race belt. Started the run slowly cos still have the dizzy feeling. “Mabuk air”.

Selepas 200m, the dizzy dah hilang. I have to do 3 loops of running, to make it 7km. Lotsa hill climb. But the feeling that morning was good. Maybe the weather was not hot & my tri-suit was still wet, made me comfortable during my run.

The 1st lap was good. Took my 1st band, & continue my 2nd lap. 2nd lap went very good. Manage to overtook some runners. Met Alang while doing his last lap. Took my 2nd band and continue to my last lap. Managed to maintain my pace from the start of the run. Managed to do a non-stop running also. Grabbed my 3rd band and headed back to Chin Woo. Try to sprint during the steep hill-climb at the Chin Woo, but can’t do it. Just maintain my pace. Finished the race in 1:02. 18 mins behind my target time (1:20).

That’s all for now.

10 thoughts on “Chin Woo Biathlon 2008

  1. thinking of joining… but never tried swimming long distance… any time limit or anything? less than 1 hour is fast man… my friend said 800m = 32 laps? how many participants are there?

    1. the time limit about 40 mins to finish the swim leg…
      800m is doable bro… dont worry, u just have to train well.. if u cant do freestyle all the way, mix it with breast stroke, just go easy on that, u can make it
      they limit the participants to 100.. they will divide the race release into few pack… 1 pack will be up to 20 participants

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