5 days to go!!! Yes 5 days more to start my very first triathlon. Feel a little bit anxious at this time as a first timer. But not as anxious as before my first full marathon that I did in 2008 Penang Int. Marathon last year.

This time, I will go there alone, without my wife & the usual Slowmovers family. All of the participants are strangers to me. I dunno anyone of them. I wanna make friends with them, I have to. I wanna be in the triathlete circle. Yeahhh!!! 5 days to go, the training still going on, but in a slow pace. It’s time for tapering before the race day.

Time to packing up my stuff for Kenyir. Swimming goggles, tri-suit, swimming suit, swimming cap, running shoes(also will be use during cycling, I don’t have cycling shoes :P), socks, cycling helmet, … hmmm… what else.

Some race info from the organizer’s website(http://www.triathlonmalaysia.com/):

Race Details:
Venue : Kenyir Lake, Terengganu
Date : 29-Mar-2009
Type : Triathlon Olympic Distance

Race Format:
Triathlon Olympic Distance
Swim : 1.5 KM
Bike : 40.0 KM
Run : 10.0 KM

Will update later.

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