Venue : Sri Manjung, Lumut, Perak.
Date : 14 November 2010
Distance : 11km run + 64km cycling + 10km run

This year’s Powerman, i came with a target in mind. It’s to qualify within the 5hrs given time(getting the finisher’s T-Shirt off course), thus a PB for me.

Depart from KL a bit late, around 2:30pm, waiting for my friend Bedul(Shahrudisah) for his company training. The journey was accompanied with hot weather, but went smoothly. Arrived at Sri Manjung around 6:30pm, we went straight checking out the cycling route since this is Bedul’s 1st Powerman.

Reached Lumut Valley(our accommodation) around 7:30pm. It’s an apartment with 3 rooms and 2 bathrooms. Quite spacey and comfortable, worth the money since we r sharing it with 5 persons.

Went for dinner at KFC Lumut, surprised with a long queue there. Well, its a Saturday nite 😛 I like Lumut very much. It’s a small town, with a small jetty for tourist going to P. Pangkor. Unique, clean, friendly folks, not crowded, peace and i love to be there. Still remember last year’s Powerman, went for evening teh tarik at a stall by the jetty, on the evening after doing the Powerman, so relaxing…

Went back to apt, did my final prep for tomorrow’s race. Race bibs, bicycle, tri-suit, running & bike shoes, endurance drink, etc… Slept at 11.00pm.

Race Day

Woke up at 5.00am. It’s drizzling and cold that morning, a good sign for us 😉 Set up my transition, did a light warm-up run around the track and headed to the starting line. Meet some friends whose 1st timer in Powerman. Great to have them join in, hope to see more new faces next year ahead 🙂

1st Run

During the 1st 11km run. Photo by Snap Attack (

The race started sharp 7:30am. My strategy for this 1st leg run is to take it easy, not to push as i have more kilometers to go. Over took Nik Raiha, look like she’s taking it easy too. Not far ahead is Anchik (Rusfarizal). I just maintain the pace throughout the 1st run. Managed to clock 1:02 for it.


I’m a bit slow at transition area. Slowly catching up with the heavy breath after the run. Saw Shakhir and Dett came in after me. Aikkk? They were strong competitors, look like they were taking it easy too 😛 but i bet, they r strong in their bike leg. Have to queue when going out of the transition area. Ate a banana & drank a cup of Powerbar endurance drink at the water station at the bike exit. Took a pee stop at the toilet behind the grandstand and off with the bike.

Like the last Desaru Triathlon, i’m using the fast cadence method to get my legs warm-up in the early stage of the bike. As the distance built up, i shifted up to a heavy gear, 1 at a time, with no heavy force on my legs. Then i maintain that pace & gear throughout the bike course.

The most challenging part of the bike course was the long climb (abt 500m of climb i think) of the Raja Permaisuri Bainun Bridge. Unlike last year, this time the climb seemed to be easier 😉 my bike training really works well 😉 used the lowest gear while maintaining the cadence, i even managed to overtake some crawling cyclist. Yeahhhh!!! Feel great!

The bridge emblem
Raja Permaisuri Bainun bridge
Long climb

The bike course went smoothly, except the feel like wanna cramp at earlier stage. I quickly eat the ORS, and drink the water immediately to dissolve the ORS. That’s what i normally do when i’m facing the cramping feeling, it will came into effect in no more than 5mins 😉

One more problem i faced was during unclipping my bike shoes upon reaching the transition. Tried to unclip it before reaching the no-bike zone, but it’s too tight. My bike had slowed down, so slow but trying to balance it while i’m unclipping the shoes. Cant do it myself. While balancing my bike, i asked for help from a supporter there to hold & support my body while i’m doing the unclipping. Successfully unclipped then. Phewww.. THat’s my 1st time experiencing that. I think because of the mud that stick under my bike shoes, got dried & made it stuck. 😛

I didnt quite sure my timing for the bike, it’s around 2:20ish.

2nd Run

Starting the 2nd run, i stopped for pee again. Uhhhh.. i think i got bloated already. My legs feel easy, no pain, no cramp this time. This is a good sign. I managed to maintain the pace, slowly. I think i’m slow enough, but still managed to overtake quite number of runners too, hehehe 😉 Keep on running and running. Walked at the water stations only.

The weather was already hot. This time, the water stations served the iced water, good improvements from last year. Cool down my body at every water station.

1st loop was slow. Julie tapped my back & she overtook me… like zooommmm.. That was fast! She was in her 2nd loop and was about to finish the race. Saw Zulhassan in front, he was on his final loop also. 1st loop done. Looking at my HR watch, i got 45mins before the cut-off time, 5km to go. I can do this, just maintain the pace.

2nd loop was better than the 1st one. My pace was faster. Saw lotsa runners walking & stretching because of cramps. I just go on, dont wanna be affected of that scenes. Dush came beside me with his bike, offering a bottle of iced Coke. He asked me to just finish it. Thanks Dush. That was a instant supply of sugar inside my body, really need that. Didnt managed to finish it all, gave it to other runner. Then, Abu gave me another half bottle of Coke, again. Hhehehe.. thanks Abu. I just gulped a little, and made my way to the finishing line.

On my way to the finishing line. Photo by Aileen(Stupe's wife)

I finished in 4:49. A new PB for me. I qualified, finisher’s t-shirt & medal for me 🙂

Nik Raiha finished 6 mins after me. Congrats Nik for qualified on your maiden Powerman!


Put my bike in the car, went for a shower at the toilet inside the badminton hall. Then off to the post-race lunch. Gather with my friends and congrats each other. Around 3:00pm, me & Bedul departed for KL.

My housemates during the event. Me, Julie, Fitri & Bedul.

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