Venue : Sepang International Circuit, Sepang
Date : 16/04/2011
Time : 20:00

This race turned out to be disastrous race. With 10,000 runners, the organizer seem cant handle the crowd well. Instead they took it personally & unprofessionally.


Ready for the night race!

Went there carpooled with my 2 other friends who joined the running arena since last year. I’ll be doing half-marathon in this race. The race for half-marathon started at 8pm.

This time, I pushed myself harder through the early stage of the race (at the outside loop). When I ran inside the F1 track, scanning through the horizon, searching for the next nearest water station, but none can be seen. So frustrated, anxious & I started to slowdown my pace, fearing to get dehydration fast. Finally I can see the next water station. Surprisingly its just water station inside the F1 track! A ‘good’ decision made by the organizer to put just 1 water station inside the 5.5km F1 track!

Made my way through the finishing line for my 2nd loop. The situation was so chaotic there with the finished 5.5km & 11km runners walk crossing the 21km running path. Saw a long queue of runners queuing for the goodie bags. My second loop i took it slowly, just wanna made it through the finish, as the water station also so far away.

Finally, crossed the finishing line in 2hrs 19mins. Most probably my PB, but later i found out that the half-marathon total distance was just 19.5km. Hmmm… not a PB though.


Right after finishing my run. Thanks Julie for this pix!

Made my way to the queue for goodie bag, it’s still a very long queue. Suddenly heard the MC announcing there’s a riot, they decided to close the goodie bag counter & it will be posted to all runners! WOW!!! Never happened like this before in any of the events i entered. And the MC sounded rude!

We went back and got nothing for running the race except for bad experience, & some good memories.

FB hate & protest pages has been set by runners. The news were published by the medias on the next day. Ministry of Sport also didn’t get the notice/approval about this event from the organizer. The main sponsor, Energizer said they will make a full refund to registered runners.

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4 thoughts on “Energizer Night Race 2011

  1. diket:

    Buang yang keruh, ambil yang jernih. Anggap aje as LSD berbayar. Hehe. Congrats for bagging another half marathon.

    hehehe… tp dgr2 khabar diorang nak full refund.. kira LSD siap dgn free water station laa ni… hahaha 😀

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