Juliana Ali, my fellow athlete will be doing her first maiden 100km ultramarathon run at the 2011 Singapore Sundown Ultramarathon next month (June 2011). She will be running it for a charity cause specially dedicated for the recent Japan earthquake & tsunami disaster. It’s a good initiative by her that should be follow by other runners or athletes, including me that is 😛 I’m helping to spread the words from her. Let’s do your part contributing for the Japan quake & tsunami fund.

Salam and greetings,

Dear friends,
I will be running my maiden 100km road event at the Sundown Ultramarathon 2011 in Singapore next month. It will be my longest running event, as I have never done anything above 42.195km in a single day. The last long ‘run’ event I did was the Sabah Adventure Challenge(SAC) where I ran a total of +/- 70km of trail over 2 days, coming in 4th after Singapore, Hong Kong and France trail runner! The longest walk would be ages ago at the Penang 12hours Walk where I walked nearly 60km. I have been preparing for the Ultra event for nearly 4 month now,intermixed with several other events (SAC and Kenyir Triathlon) and it is merely a month away before I stand at the start line in Marina Barrage, Singapore to run my longest !!
As I go on with my daily life, whether walking or running, I thought it would be more meaningful for me to run the ultra for a cause. For that reason, I am happy to share with you that I am initiating a charity cause dedicated to the Japan tsunami and earthquake victims. And while we have gone through the phase of mourning of this tragedy and expressing our condolences to our brothers and sisters in Japan, you can extend your good intention through this charity cause I am currently organizing called ‘To Japan, With Love’. It is never too late to lend a helping hand.
The Idea

The idea is to get donors (that’s you!), whether corporate or individuals, to come in as pledger. Each meter pledged is worth RM50. For individuals, you are free to pledge any distance (and amount) that you wish to. All donations are directed to the Malaysian Red Crescent Society’s Japan Earthquake and Tsunami fund.

Among the written Benefits : a chance to have your names printed on the official t-shirt along with other sponsors. Names will be mentioned on the event website ! The official T-shirts will be given out to donors of more then RM100, after I complete the ultra marathon. This is due to the tight budget that I am working this charity program on ! 2x Exclusive postcards designed by missjewelz herself for donations below RM100.

Un-written Benefits : Plenty. God Bless !

Why it matters to missjewelz

missJeweLz is the pen name I use when I blog. I realize that something as simple as running can do and make a lot of difference in one’s life. Through running I discovered that I do have that will power in realizing something that I wish or want, whether in sports or in life generally (Hey, you do too !). Through running, I have developed my sense of ‘self’ and ‘others’. While there are time where we have to think or ‘our’ selves, it is that balance between ‘self’ and ‘others’ that matters. Achieving that balance is tricky especially in this century where it is mostly about satisfying others, or the extreme opposite; self-indulgence. Through running I have met, ran and exchanged stories with so many friends. Through running and the sharing of what I do (running and sports la, what else!) I have inspired myself and plentiful of others to keep on going no matter how the difficult the course may be. If there is a will, there is surely a way. I am sure most of you can relate to this.

I do not have any other skills that I can make use of to the benefits of others. A degree in Psychology does not translate to better the lives or many others, yet alone my own. But one thing that you and I may have in common, is that desire to finish that running, triathlon or duathlon distance since we are committed to it, and I don’t see why we can’t join ‘forces’ to make a little change in someone else’s life. A good change.

I am committing myself to a distance of 100km, and I want to invite to YOU join me to make this run a meaningful one. Do join this cause to aid the affected Japanese victims and help rebuilding their lives. Amen.

The sponsors and partners

1.Malaysian Red Crescent Society (MRCS) is my official NGO partner, and my contact person is Ms Suhana, who I am working closely with to ensure that all goes well pertaining to the donations. They have endorsed and authorized this charity program !

2. Powerbar is my official sports nutrition partner.I have collected my sponsored goodies (coming in the form of Powerbar Performance bar, gels and endurance drink)  from Totalfield, Powerbar’s official distributor . Thank you also to Totalfied for the nice pink drifit Powerbar T !

3. Pacesetters is my official running club partner (Footloose – will definitely have a scribble on it once the run is completed)

4. Sponsors :- made of both corporate companies and individuals. If you think your company is interested to contribute to this cause, do let me know. And apart from that, do hook me up with the corporate comm. department or person-in-charge. Tax exemptions are compliant to all companies which donate to this charity fund ! (Thank you in advance for the help)

How it works

While I am organizing this on a low budget, (sorry, I can’t afford any PR companies/agents at the moment), there are no fancy-nancy promos. Just a straight-up relaying of information, and simple procedure of how you can donate, which I have listed below: –

1. Fill in the individual sponsorship form (follow the instructions!), transfer the fund to Malaysian Red Crescent Society’s ‘MRCS INTERNATIONAL RELIEF FUND’ via Maybank Account
No – 5144 – 2210 – 2657. SAVE the transaction receipt.

2. Forward a copy of the filled individual sponsorship form AND a copy of the transaction receipt to kilausuria [at] gmail.com and suhana [at] redcrescent.org.my


For any inquiries, feel free to reach me, Juliana at kilausuria [at] gmail.com . Any updates will be informed via email, blog and also through an upcoming website ! Kindly read through the attachment for more details. Would appreciate this if you can forward this email to your friends. Sharing is caring ! 🙂


JULIANA ALI @ missJeweLz
017-3323 451


You can download & view the related documents here:

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