Lomo camera with underwater casing and Kodak ISO400 film

Look what i have here. A cheap lomography camera with an underwater casing (Checkout what is lomography here). Bought it for RM30 from a souvenir shop at 1 Utama. The Kodak ISO400 film bought from a photo shop at Melawati for RM13.

The casing was said can go up to 3m deep. For me it’s enough already as i’m gonna use it near water surface and for experimental purpose. Will take it to my snorkeling trip this long weekend.

For me, it’s back to basic photography, back to where i started photography with a cheap basic film camera. It’s more thrilling as u can see the preview of the photo u took. After the film was developed, only then u can get the result. The result can be nice, or worst, some blank photo 😛

Check out this space soon!


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