..but enjoyed it very much!!! 😉

Last weekend was the busiest & tiring one. On Saturday, drove to Parit Yusoff, Batu Pahat. Attended my ex-sister-in-law son’s wedding. Depart 9am, arrived 12.30pm. She asked me to do wedding photography for her son. Did it, a complimentary photography from me. 🙂

Drove back to KL, 3.30pm – 7pm. That’s totaling 7 hrs of driving! Phewwww… never did that since a long time. Relax for half an hour, then rushed to Ovo Bistro at Damansara Utama, for Rock Reborn gig. Went there with Halil. Nice gig, perform by local rock metal band, Touch Mahal. Performing along were Rosli Mohalim (Sweet Charity guitarist), Zulkif (Headwind’s guitarist), Ajin (Blackrose’s vocalist), Shewolf (all-girl rock band) and lots more… Organized by Brothers in the Hood, lead by bro Bob. Bro Otega introduced me & Halil to this great event. We did some banner printing service for them. Great show!!! Will attend more in the future surely 😉

The next Sunday morning, woke up early for the New Balance 15k run at Putrajaya! Hahahah… I’m crazy yeahhh!!! The run was so nice, the weather was breezy following last nite’s rain. It’s still cloudy and cold windy that morning. What a run friendly weather for us. A good blessing 😉

Enjoyed the weekend so much. Had a good sleep & rest after all those activities 🙂

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