Wet and mossy roadside leading to Mossy Forest

Located at Mount Brinchang, Cameron Highlands. Drive up the Boh Tea Plantation, Sungai Palas. Before the guard house of the tea plantation, you will see a left junction heading to “Stesen Pemancar Gunung Brinchang”. Turn left. You will reach another junction, just take left again. This road will lead you to the peak. Drive slowly in low gear because of the steep road. The distance to the mossy forest is about 7km. Add 2km more to the peak where the micro-station situated. The journey there was full of beautiful scenery. Enjoice!!!


The forests of the high mountains of Cameron Highlands are able to strip moisture from the clouds, hence referred to as ‘’cloud-forests’’ or ‘’mossy-forests’’.

Here the general appearance of the forest trees tends to be dwarfed to about 10m tall.

There are also large numbers of mosses, liverworts, ferns and fern allies, as well as, pitcher plants, rhododendrons and wild orchids associated with these forests.

These forests are often likened by the locals to the mystic forest of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings and believed to be the final resting places for the death souls!!!

In this part of the world, the mountains are a place of great reverence and wonder. A stay at Cameron Highlands will not be complete without visiting these forests which can only be found at the peak of Mount Brinchang.- Gerard Richard.

Source: cameronsecrets.com


Here comes the pix:


Steep road, nice green scenery of the tea plantation
Sungai Palas Boh Tea Plantation
Moss close-up
Mysterious dark path leading to Mt. Brinchang
Mossy forest entrance


Wooden platform
Deep ravine down below
All trees covered by moss
It was said that this is the shooting location for the Puteri Gunung Ledang movie
It was raining suddenly, cold & misty
You won't find this kind of moss anywhere in the lowland
This is the end of the wooden platform, the track further will lead you to Mt. Irau
Path to the neighboring Mt. Irau
Another close-up of the moss
Decided to take shelter at a shack since the rain got heavier
This is the peak of Mt. Brinchang, lies the communication tower

FYI, this is the highest tarred road (accessible to vehicle) in Pen. Malaysia, which is at 6666 ft. / 2031 m.

A view of Titiwangsa Range from the lookout tower near the peak
The communication towers

For more photos, click here

Will definitely come here again. So calm and peaceful there. The feeling is indescribable! Awesome!

6 thoughts on “Mossy Forest, Cameron Highlands

  1. Awesomeness. The photos, the views and the thrills. I used to do this kind of stuff. Brought me back to my old mountain days. Thanks for sharing bro. Perhaps I could bring my kids here :]

  2. Diket:

    Awesomeness. The photos, the views and the thrills. I used to do this kind of stuff. Brought me back to my old mountain days. Thanks for sharing bro. Perhaps I could bring my kids here :]

    yes bro, it’s worth the visit!
    get the kids to know & love the nature more. the mysterious mossy forest will sure bring calm & peacefulness to your heart.. this track is family friendly coz it has the wooden platform, so no need to dirty your shoes…

  3. Salam, Awesome trip u got there! I’m planning to have a trip here tomorrow since it’s nearby from UTP. I just wanna ask if I cud just go and explore the mossy forest without a guide? Seems expensive to me. LOL

    1. hi Fain,
      yes, u can go there without hiring a guide… u just need to have the guts to drive up to mt. brinchang, coz the road are very steep, narrow & with the current raining season, it will be misty & slippery road… dont go there alone, but with at least 1 or 2 other friends… i’m planning to go there again some times in this coming december. share with me ur experience there if u dont mind 😉

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