It’s been 3 days since Sunday(25/12/2011) i’ve been hit by flu & hot fever. The temperature keep going up and down, and so the flu. I just keep on eating the remaining medicine from the previous fever time.

Feared of it’s getting worst or getting viral fever, only on the 3rd day i went to my panel clinic at Melawati. I’ve been visiting the clinic since year 2000, and the doctor knows me well enough.

During my visits, he always ask me how’s my marathon & triathlon life. He impressed with my healthy lifestyle. He even relates me to what he is currently studying, about human psychology & ability.

Today, i went there for check up on the flu that i’m having. He then told me that he always consult his patients by telling inspiring stories, and make me as his role model to inspire (but he didnt expose my name to them). Wow, i really didnt expect to be given that high praise 😛 i’m just a normal person who loves doing sports.

Malakoff Powerman 2011. Photo by Tan Kien Boon

He just said, it’s amazing how a man, at my age(well, i maybe not too old for this) & my size, have determination to do all those long distance endurance sport, while most people always say, “Why r u keep on doing all these, tiring urself, but not winning any?”, “I’m highlighting you in my stories to them”. 🙂

Today, coincidentally, one of the patient that he tell about me, was in the same clinic, waiting his turn to see him also. So, after my session finished, he then introduced me to the man. His name is Nizam/Mizam, just coincidentally sounds like my 2nd name 😀

He looked surprise when he look at me 😛 we didnt get to have a chit chat later.

I feel happy at least, for what i did, has inspired others. I do it for myself, i dont care what people think im crazy or whatever. I hope i can apply this to my daily life, helping me to go through hard times in life. I do it my own way, and my own pace, just like how i run a marathon. Slowly but consistent, the victory is there waiting for me. It’s just a matter of time.

Continue to inspire…

This is one of the most inspiring photos of me. Photo by Tey Eng Tiong

4 thoughts on “Inspiring a stranger

  1. Truely inspiring bro. Did you know I’m also your fan? Kau pilih, nak ceiling fan or floor stand fan. Ekekekek . OK I’m serious. Keep it up bro. Here’s to more milage! :]

    1. fulamak… tq lah bro.. aku terharu lah…
      ko mmg inspirasi aku gak bro..
      1st skali aku belajar pasal triathlon dr blog ko lah, triathlete chap ayam tu 😀
      belajar sambil gelak ketawa, kelakar baca.. hahaha

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