Date : 23/1/2012, Monday (Chinese New Year)
Location : Gunung Nuang, Hulu Langat, Selangor
Height : 4898ft

Climbed the highest peak in Selangor, with my Chap Ayam Runners friends. Took us near 5 hours to climb up, 4 and half hours coming down (including half an hour stop at Kem Lolo for a dip in the stream)


Reach 1st campsite, Camp Lolo after 1 hour trekking

Cold morning at Camp Lolo


Hiking up the steep climb after camp Lolo


Reached 2nd campsite, Kem Pacat


Kem Pacat signage


Waiting for others


Reached the 3rd checkpoint, Puncak Pengasih


Finally, at the peak. Cold & windy here...


My bread plastic packaging bloated 😛


The peak marker & some other signages by past climbers


180degree panoramic view of the peak


Gunung Nuang, done!

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