2012 Official Result

83Men30-390:57:11 (262)3:44:05 (270)3:00:28 (217)7:41:46 251

Compare with last year’s result:

2011 Official Result



A lot of improvement on the bike & run leg. Thanks to the harder and more serious training done this time. And thanks to the new bike route which is flatter.

2 thoughts on “Desaru Intl Triathlon 2012 Official result

  1. ajoku:

    bro, relay ada tak? aku ngidam nak TRi. tapi tak tau begenang.. kuikuikui..
    itik serati

    relay ada… tgk laa taun dpn aku tak tau laa nak masuk full ke tak 😀
    bosan2, main relay plak ke taun depan tgk cmne 😀

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